Dr. Victoria Stirling

Registered Clinical Psychologist
BSc(Hons), DPsych (Clin Psych)

Victoria holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is certified in reality therapy. She is registered with the Singapore Psychological Society as well as the Australian Psychological Society. As a clinical psychologist her expertise are in the area of assessing, diagnosing, and providing intervention for mental health problems among children and adults. She is particularly interested in the prevention and early intervention of anxiety, depression and other mood or stress related disorders among children/adolescents, which was the focus of her dissertation.

Victoria has experience working in both in- and out- patient settings with children, parents, and families dealing with a wide range of emotional, behavioural, and clinical issues. In therapy Victoria draws on her training in reality therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, and emotion focused therapy to achieve therapeutic goals and foster resilience. Developing healthy relationships and a positive self-concept through social and emotional skills is often a key focus.

Registered Educational Psychologist (SG/AU)
B.A Psychology (AU), PGD Psychology (AU),
Masters of Psychology (Educational and Developmental, AU)
Registered Educational Psychologist (UK/SG)
BSc. Psych (UK), PGDE (Sin), MSc. Ed. Psych (UK)

Registered Clinical Psychologist (SG)
BSoSC (Psych), MA (Clinical Psych)

Child Psychologist/Behaviour Therapist

B.Sc. M.Sc. (ClinChFam & EdS) (NLD)

Bcom (AU), PGDPsych (AU) MPsych (Ed, AU)
Registered Psychologist (AU, SG)

(Educational Psychologist)

Registered Educational Psychologist (SG)
Chartered Psychologist & Associate Fellow,
Psychological Society of Ireland BEd (Irl),
BSc Psych (UK), MA. Ed. Psych (Irl), EdD (UK)

Registered Clinical Psychologist
BSc(Hons), DPsych (Clin Psych)