Andrea Chow

Bcom (AU), PGDPsych (AU) MPsych (Ed, AU)
Registered Psychologist (AU, SG)

Andrea obtained her Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Melbourne and is a registered psychologist in Australia. Before returning to Singapore, Andrea worked in outpatient clinics and government schools in Melbourne, Australia. As a result, Andrea is familiar with both the Singaporean and Australian education systems. Within her work, Andrea has had extensive experience in working with children with specific learning disabilities (e.g. ADHD, dyslexia), autism spectrum disorder, and social/emotional difficulties.

Working at clinics and schools has provided Andrea with experience in conducting psychological assessments for the diagnosis of disorders as well as creating individual education plans to support children with developmental and learning disorders. She has been trained in the administration of the ADOS for autism diagnosis. Andrea has also conducted trainings to support teachers in their understanding and management of students with developmental disorders.

As a school psychologist, Andrea has delivered classes on study skills and undertaken behavioural interventions for students who presented with a variety of concerns. These included bullying, anger management, anxiety, depression and social skills difficulties. Andrea uses a combination of cognitive-behavioural and solution-focused therapy and tailors her approach to suit each child. She also works closely with teachers and caregivers on how to manage children who present with these concerns.


Registered Educational Psychologist (SG/AU)
B.A Psychology (AU), PGD Psychology (AU),
Masters of Psychology (Educational and Developmental, AU)
Registered Educational Psychologist (UK/SG)
BSc. Psych (UK), PGDE (Sin), MSc. Ed. Psych (UK)

Registered Clinical Psychologist (SG)
BSoSC (Psych), MA (Clinical Psych)

Child Psychologist/Behaviour Therapist

B.Sc. M.Sc. (ClinChFam & EdS) (NLD)

Bcom (AU), PGDPsych (AU) MPsych (Ed, AU)
Registered Psychologist (AU, SG)

(Educational Psychologist)

Registered Educational Psychologist (SG)
Chartered Psychologist & Associate Fellow,
Psychological Society of Ireland BEd (Irl),
BSc Psych (UK), MA. Ed. Psych (Irl), EdD (UK)

Registered Clinical Psychologist
BSc(Hons), DPsych (Clin Psych)